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Update: September 20th, 2019

There will be 3 more sessions in the current summer quarter: SUN 9/22; WED 9/25; and SUN 9/29. The monthly SINGING has been moved to WED 10/2. The NEW FALL QUARTER will start on SUN 10/6. PLEASE SIGN UP THIS WEEK FOR YOUR FALL CLASS!

Ed Rangel came home from UAB West with a happy heart on Thursday, September 19. After he had the stress test the doctors told him that he has angina and a-fib. Meds, fluids, and exercise for brother Ed. Prayers for brother Ed and his family.

Thank the Lord for grace and mercy and time for Tim Crawford to obey the gospel at age 60 after 40 years in prison for crimes he committed at age 19. Benjamin and several brethren from the Black Creek congregation were involved in studying with Tim these last two years.

Dick Walters, Ginger Sullivan’s uncle, passed away on Wednesday morning. He was 91. The funeral will be Sunday afternoon in Vernon. Please pray for Ginger and her extended family.

Ethan Johnson had successful eye surgery at Children’s Hospital on Wednesday, September 18. Thanks for the prayers.

Logan Sims has type A flu.

Prayers for Paula and her co-worker Kristina.

Karen Christian is awaiting the results of 4 biopsies.

Lewis Johnson is still suffering from leg swelling.

Kirsten Hicks is recovering from a root canal.

Kim Taylor is scheduled for an MRI at 8:30 on Friday for some vertigo issues. Keep her in your prayers, please.

Congratulations to Conner and Jaci who were married on Saturday, September 14. They are now Mr. and Mrs. Conner Burleson.

Matt Carter, Jill McKeever’s brother, has developed pneumonia after his successful surgery on Monday, September 16 and is in SICU Room 7220 at UAB Downtown. He has three other aneurysms on his aorta that may require surgery later. Please continue to pray for Matt, his wife Linda, and the entire family.

Rufus Steve, Shanna Turner’s father, is in UAB Downtown, Room M-742, battling major pain from peripheral vascular disease and very poor circulation. Doctors were able to balloon his heart to improve circulation and are using very strong antibiotics attempting to prevent amputation. Prayers for his physical and spiritual health.

Kathryn Cole, Janet Hamrick’s mother, had a successful operation on her appendix on Monday, September 16. She is now at home recovering from her surgery. Prayers, please.

Jeny Rangel is fighting a relapse of the crud. Rochelle and Valerie were able to be at church on Sunday.

Chyrl Erwin is in BMC-Princeton, Room 6142 with a lung infection. Prayers for Chyrl as she battles MS.

Norma Armstrong is improving and will see her wound care doctor each Wednesday and will have Home Health care on Monday and Friday. Prayers for Norma, please.

Prayers for Laura Jean Phillips who has responded well after being hospitalized in Huntsville. Her vitals are improved but she still has two acute infections. Laura Jean moved to Huntsville to be near her daughter Virginia and son-in-law David Jacks. Her phone # 205-201-8397. Her new address is: 4200 Chris Drive, Apt. 120, Huntsville, AL 35802. Prayers for Laura Jean, Virginia, and David.

Janice James had an iron infusion on Wednesday, September 4 and her blood chemistry has improved from 30 to 34. Thanks for your prayers.

Please remember in prayer, Ron Daly, a friend of Ed’s from the Spearsville Road Church in Indiana. Ron is the preacher at a congregation in Indianapolis. After a horrific accident he is in serious condition in the hospital with severe injuries. Ron is well enough to move to Kindred Hospital in Indianapolis for intense physical therapy. He still has a long road ahead. The address for cards is Ron Daly, 3319 Carly Lane, Indianapolis, Indiana 46235. There is a GoFundMe account set up on his behalf for medical expenses. See Ed if you have any questions.

Carol Horne fell on Wednesday, August 28 and received a cut arm, knot on head, and bruises. Please continue to pray for Carol.

Please continue prayers for brother Carl Webb who suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Brother Al Lyles of Fair Park is recovering well from his hip replacement.

Prayers for Tommy McLane’s co-worker Dianna Ganey who is having treatments for breast cancer.

Tommy and Mary McLane are great-grandparents for the fourth time. Megan’s baby girl Arya Jade was born in August.

Everett Harris made his first visit to church on Wednesday, August 28. Everett is making good progress! So much to be thankful for! Please remember Meredith and Craig as they care for him!

Jimmy Odom is now home under the care of Home Health and Therapy. The address for cards is 143 Oak Avenue, Hueytown, AL 35023.

Mel and Lara welcomed Noah Crosby to the Ambrose family last week.  Exciting news! Remember them in prayer as a new one in the house is a little overwhelming in the beginning!

Kerri’s mother, Becky Keith, is gaining energy and recovering from her cancer treatments.

Please remember Barry Bailey’s uncle, Donnie, who had heart surgery with stent placements.

Buford Turner’s father has recovered from his fall. Thanks for the prayers.

Please remember in prayer Vicki Stevens and Tim as Vicki’s cancer has returned, attaching itself to 3 lymph nodes.
Not in the same area (pelvic) as before, but cancer has moved upward to about L4 (the 4th lumbar vertebrae). One of the lymph nodes is located to the left of the aorta and the other 2 are to the right of the vena cavae. 
There’ll be 5 weeks of radiation treatments (Monday thru Friday). Chemo will also be involved, concurrently to the radiation. We still have to see the oncologist for the chemo schedule. 
Please pray that we stay strong & courageous through this battle and that cancer will go away forever!!  From: Tim Stevens

Please remember Faye Christian, who received a bone crushing (literally ) fall at Church. Faye has returned to the Assisted Living Facility where she continues therapy and a long recovery is expected. Cards can be sent to 1750 Creasey Lane, Creasey Springs, IN 47905.

Remember Les Davis, who is losing strength and needs encouragement. Cards may be sent to 70 Chesterfield Court, Youngsville, NC 27596


We need to continue prayers for Karen Christian. She has to deal with lots of pain, but loves to worship anytime she can.

Hilda Johnson’s mother, Polly Parker, has been having severe pain in the back of her head due to a pinched nerve. They put her in a collar and she has improved. Prayers are needed.

Ken Speer’s wife, Rhonda, is fighting the effects of cancer. Let’s pray for her. Ken is a familiar Hueytown face if you need any appliance repaired.


Brody Gill will be speaking in Blount County on September 22.

There will be a gospel meeting at South Columbiana with H. Brownlee Reaves on Sunday, September 22 through Wednesday, September 25 at 7 PM.

Philip Owens is teaching a class on “The Life of Jesus” at Arbors at Ellington in Pleasant Grove every Thursday at 11 AM.

There will be a gospel meeting at Argo Park with Jonathan Brown on Sunday, September 22 at 3 PM and a singing at 4 PM and Monday through Wednesday September 25 at 7 PM. The theme of the meeting is “Battles of the Mind.”

There will be a gospel meeting at Harpersville on Sunday, September 29 at 6 PM and Monday through Wednesday October 2 at 7 PM. Wes Brown will be the speaker.

Our training class and singing will be on Wednesday, October 2. The new fall quarter will start on Sunday, October 6.

There will be a “LADIES DAY SEMINAR”/”Changing Perceptions” at Highway 157 in Cullman with Glenda Schales on Saturday, September 28 from 9:30 to 11:30.

Our fall meeting with Phil Robertson is Sunday, Oct. 13 – Wednesday, Oct. 16. The theme of our gospel meeting will be “One Pure Light in a Very Dark World.” PLAN, PRAY, and INVITE!

Prayers and Encouragement:

Let’s remember to pray for all of the preachers we support on a monthly basis. They are Kenny Mars – Russia and Mozambique; Gregory Whipple – Florida prisons; Humberto Palacios – Dover, Florida; John Hains – Welland, Ontario, Canada; Basilio Munoz – Kissimmee, Florida.


Hilda Johnson has been suffering with a recurrence of trigeminal neuralgia pain. She is feeling better and saw her Dr. on July 2. He increased her medicine for the next few months and said if she has a recurrence, they will do surgery. Continue prayers please

Kathy Johnson with her heart issues and now asthma.

Lani Dangler got a good report at her doctor’s visit, so she gets to stay at home! Thank you Lord!!

Please continue your prayers for Carl and Faye Webb and their family as they go through the days ahead. Brother Carl is having a rough time in his battle with Parkinson’s and dementia.

Gena Bishop’s mother, Lettie Nixon, will continue to have scans every 3 months to make sure the cancer has not spread.

Nina Graham-Self Nursing Home Room 136

Jimmy Odom – foot problems

Suzie Boykin – neck spurs

John and Lisa Hains, as his cancer has spread and his medical condition is grave.  Address: 16 Heritage Lane, Welland, Ontario, Canada, L3C6Z3.  You need two stamps to send mail.

Amy Sims – Chiari Malformation 

Chryl Erwin – MS


Let’s do what we can for the aged and our shut-ins. Prayers, visits, phone calls or cards are very much appreciated by all of them

Kelsey Hannah – Most weekdays he will be at the Senior Citizen center from 9:30-12:30. He is living with his daughter, Carrie and her family, so please call before coming: 107 Pinecrest Road,  Carrie’s # 243-6609.

Aileen Spruiell is living in an assisted living facility in Boaz near her son Lane. Address for cards: Brookdale Senior Living, Attn: Aileen Spruiell A105, 151 Woodham Drive Albertville, AL 35951. Lane said that she has completely recovered from a broken hip back in January. Her short term memory is “very short”, but her attitude and her eating are better than ever.

Jean Baughn: Self Nursing Home, 131 Crest Road, Room 028, Hueytown, AL 35023. Short visits are appreciated.

Les Davis is at his son, Alan’s home.  His address is 70 Chesterfield Ct. Youngsville, NC  27596, cell # (205) 267-5188.  Let’s pray for him and his family. 

Faye and Carl Webb: 2616 Novel Drive, Hueytown, AL 35023

Rose Brown: 8071 Kimbrell Cutoff Road, McCalla, Al. 35111 Rose’s contact numbers – (phone) 776-4639 (cell) 566-3027

Chryl Erwin: 285 Pine Ridge Lane, Sylvan Springs, AL 35118

Jimmy Odom: 143 Oak Ave. Hueytown, Al. 35023  491-2333

Faye Christian: 1750 South Creasy Lane, Room 515, Lafayette, IN 47905.

Craig Johnson: Sylacauga Health and Rehab, Room 138, 1007 West Fort Williams Street, Sylacauga, AL 35150, phone # (205) 910-4028. Please continue to pray for her and the family. Cards, calls and visits are welcome but please call before you visit.

Lucille Willis – 300 Trellis Circle, Springville, AL 35146.







Let’s be sure to send cards of encouragement to our students as they are away from us.  Their addresses are:

Macy McKeever: UNA

Alana Gill: UNA

Tucker Downey: attends Samford University but is living at home.

Samuel Sims: Tennessee Tech

Caitlin SimsWest Virginia

Kirsten Hicks: attends UAB but is living at home.

Tessa Hall: attends Samford University but is living at home.

Ashlyn Hamrick: attends Samford University but is living at home.

Lydia Marshall: Southern Union

Hannahlee  Weaver: 500 Webster Road, Lot 420, Auburn, AL 36832 (Southern Union).

Nicole Rhea: attends Jeff State but is living at home.


Benjamin Munoz:  bmunoz754@gmail.com, phone # (256)431-4551, address:  508 Willow Drive, Hueytown, AL  35023

Ed Rangel: rangellalo@gmail.com, phone # (317)363-9900,  address: 2208 Deer Run Lane, Hueytown, AL 35023