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Daily Devotional

March 5: Oddities that Make Sense

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March 5: Oddities that Make Sense

Numbers 5:1–31; John 13:1–20; Psalm 6:1–10


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Some of the Old Testament laws seem so odd they’re difficult to understand. It’s easy for us to see why, in a day before medicine, God would send people with “a rash … a fluid discharge, and everyone … [who had touched] a corpse” outside the tribe for a period of time to prevent infection (Num 5:2). But why would God severely punish people caught in sins not (or hardly) related to possible medical issues (Num 5:5–31)?

I think it’s because God understands that a culture that allows for amoral behavior will become a culture that promotes such behavior. Considering that Jesus had not come yet and sin was not graciously atoned for, there was a need for a ritual that symbolized religious purity.

We are meant to hate the things that people in this life condone—things that may even seem right to us at the time—for the sake of loving God’s work. When evil was present among His people, God had to take drastic measures to combat it—thus, He gave specific instructions. While today we have Christ, we must still devote ourselves to following God’s calling and changing our evil ways for the sake of the gospel, and for sake of our salvation.  The Bible is clear that those who practice, yea even condone sin will perish.  (Galatians 5:19-21)

In what ways are you loving evil things instead of hating them? Be honest with yourself and God.




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