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Ruling from the Inside Out (Lust, Dishonesty, & Divorce)

  • The problem with God’s Law (10 Commandments) was not the Law or God, it was in the unwillingness to keep the Law as intended.
  • As many times as Jesus said, “You have heard it said…” is a reminder that people were not giving God their hearts, but living superficially, legally and ultimately falling short of pleasing God.
  • When Jesus said, “You have heard it said” it was a rebuke at the superficiality of how the Pharisees we keeping the Law.
    • Do not murder-but they hated their neighbor and thought that was ok.
    • Do not commit adultery-but they lusted after other women and thought that was ok.
    • Do not make false vows-but they thought that it was ok to vow in the name of God, the alter or whatever else.
    • They had been taught that God allowed, even welcomed, personal vengeance when He said and eye for an eye, when God was actually forbidding such acts of personal vengeance.
    • They believed that as long as they loved their friends that God would be happy if they hated and even mistreated the people they did not like.