The Future is Ours

We hear so much that our world and society is terrible, that everything is going to pot. We often criticize our young people, call them spoiled millennials, laugh at their lack of common sense, mock their inability to reason politically, and even fear for our religious future because they will be “in charge. “On the one hand, we should be worried about our younger generation, but on the other hand, we need to remember that our parents said the same things about us that we are saying about this young generation.  We have become our parents.

  • In this lesson I would like for us as the family of God to consider God’s Word and offer some SOUND advice to our young people.   The future is theirs and we need to make sure that they are equipped to respect authority, equipped to become responsible and equipped to gain to gain wisdom.
  • These are all challenges.
  • Solomon said that nothing is new under the sun.

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