Ruling from the Inside Out (Lust, Dishonesty, & Divorce)

  • The problem with God’s Law (10 Commandments) was not the Law or God, it was in the unwillingness to keep the Law as intended.
  • As many times as Jesus said, “You have heard it said…” is a reminder that people were not giving God their hearts, but living superficially, legally and ultimately falling short of pleasing God.
  • When Jesus said, “You have heard it said” it was a rebuke at the superficiality of how the Pharisees we keeping the Law.
    • Do not murder-but they hated their neighbor and thought that was ok.
    • Do not commit adultery-but they lusted after other women and thought that was ok.
    • Do not make false vows-but they thought that it was ok to vow in the name of God, the alter or whatever else.
    • They had been taught that God allowed, even welcomed, personal vengeance when He said and eye for an eye, when God was actually forbidding such acts of personal vengeance.
    • They believed that as long as they loved their friends that God would be happy if they hated and even mistreated the people they did not like.

Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay 

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