Seven Questions from James

Series: James

In this section of the letter, James continues to argue that double-minded faith,  half-hearted faith and a faith of partiality does not save.  

James has just said that we cannot do church, but that we must be the church, that we cannot say we are Christians but only seek to save the rich and affluent of our society.  James says that we must have the same attitude of Christ, to seek and save the lost, to come and associate with the poor, wretched, sick and to go to the by-ways and highways, to supp with the tax-collectors and seek out the harlots and lepers.

The people who James was addressing had the idea that is was preferable to discriminate based on race and wealth.  

To disassociate ourselves from the very people Christ called us to is to make us judge, is to not be truly converted and to be lost.

This is a double-minded faith, and this is what James has in mind when he begins James 2:14


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