Live Streaming

Live Streaming

We have some very exciting news in the arena of evangelism.  We are now able to offer our services live streamed via Facebook and YouTube. 

Here are the details:


Facebook page (live stream & recordings for later replay)

Please "Like" this page & share to be notified when we go live.

YouTube channel

"Subscribe" to the Hueytown Church of Christ YouTube channel and you will be notified when we go live and when a new video has been uploaded.

We are very thankful to Brad Marshall and Michael Merritt for their research, installation, and implementation of the cameras and software.  The more you "LIKE" the Facebook and YouTube pages the more they are promoted on the public platform.  Please remember that this is just another tool for evangelism, but it will not be as successful if we do not promote it.  Please like and share the pages and YouTube videos.